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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes you need Red Wine while Potty Training

I know it has been, oh say, 7 months since I last wrote something. So let's start with pictures.
This is Macy from this week... she has been sick so we have been killing time with baths.
Here are some Halloween pictures. Aunt Marie lives by us now so she came along for the Parade and Trick or Treating in Hoboken.

Here is one of the favorite costumes we saw. I have no idea who this guy is but I thought the pirate/parrot thing was cute. There are some more favorites below. They were all in the parade so I have no idea who any of the people are :) hope they don't mind.

Nana with the girls! She came to visit for Halloween/Birthday celebration. Aylah was tinkerbell and Macy was a bumblebee.

Another favorite costume. Annie with the dog, butler and nanny.

The man with the yellow hat and curious george!

She is getting so big! Collecting her loot.

Mommy and her little bee.

Josh and I went to Boston for my birthday gift from him... I might have just turned 30 but don't tell anyone.

A Family pic before Josh and I went out to eat on my birthday. We had the "appetizer" of a yummy chocolate cake so we could celebrate with the girls.

So we have had some incidents with our bathroom lately. Two weeks ago Aylah accidently dropped a jar of red nail polish on the floor of our tile bathroom. It got everywhere, rug, tile, grout. I salvaged the tile, the rug was a bust and the grout has a lovely red tint to it. Wonderful.

Last night Macy was using the bathroom (we are potty training- and doing pretty good but still not all the way there) and Macy in a flourish exited her spot from the potty and did a spin in her nightgown (she will basically only wear dresses for us or pants with her red pj tutu) and knocked over my glass of red wine on the counter I had just poured. And guess where it landed. Yup, all over the exact same spot the red nail polish had landed. This time the rug was in the garbage but it did get all over our clothes, tile, tub, and oh yeah the grout. So now we have some lovely colored grout... so I need to do some grouting. Already talked to my dad so I think I know what I need to do. But that will probably wait till the dead of winter when we are inside and bored.

Aylah is in school and loving it. She goes 5 days a week from 8:30-12:30. She is currently learning how to write her name in lowercase, printing numbers 1-10 and learning to read the color words. They are also working on their Winter (i.e. Christmas) Show. I know because she is singing Rockin Around the Christmas Tree incesantly. Oh and the Pledge of Allegiance. We are excited to go watch her on December 6!

So I signed up to take the New Jersey Praxis exam to become a certified teacher in NJ. My certificate expired this past June from Michigan. And I am beginning to try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and stop being a stay-at-home mom. So I figured this is a good first step. So December 7 I am taking the Elementary Ed and Child Development Content Knowledge tests. Wish me luck.

Let's see, Macy next. She is a spitfire. She went through this super long phase, ok, her whole life, of being really whiny but the past week or two... something magical happened. She is slowly becoming much less whiny, lots less tears and breakdowns. It seems too good to be true but I am loving it! She really is a sweet little girl, waves to all strangers on the street, copies her big sister in everything from singing songs to playing school. I love spending one on one time with her while Aylah is in school. She is my little helper at the grocery store. She walks around with this gigantic backpack on and helps me "put things" (throw them) into the cart.

Josh is doing well. Super busy as usual but still likes his job at New City. They started a new site of the After School Center at Vroom St. EFC this Fall. It is actually the church we go to. It sounds like things are going pretty well there and they have a long waiting list for kids that want to attend.

Thanksgiving this year will be our little family and Aunt Marie. We have a great menu planned and I get to teach my big sister how to cook... should be fun! We love having Marie close by. She is super busy in grad school but we love to see her when it works out. She even watched the girls last weekend while Josh and I went to Boston.

And then it's just a few short weeks till Christmas and our 2 week vacation home.
So that's the life update... looking forward to seeing lots of you soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

The girls playing with their new kitchen and food toys from Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa for Macy's birthday. Josh and I went on a date to Dylan's Candy Store in NYC. We came back with some large treats for the girls!
The smile tells it all!
Macy hates ponytails and screams every time I put them in but I think she looks so darn cute with them in.
Aylah about to dive into Cookie Monster :)

Cupcakes from Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken. (The cake shop on TLC's Cake boss) Elmo and Cookie Monster of pure sugar! Aylah, Macy and Mommy at a park playing.
This is actually the 2nd picture in the series. The first one is below... Macy reaching for some extra Swiper cake and then this one. Victorious!

Our Family on Macy's 2nd Birthday! I made the Swiper cake for her. Swiper is from Dora and is the villian but is her favorite.... go figure.
Just pictures this time...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crazy Old

Allison Jonker with Lina (13 months), Me with Aylah (3 1/2) and Macy (21 months), Allison Breuker with Emmett (13 months) Friends from childhood/high school/ and beyond :)
I felt crazy old this week as I sat on the couch at Allison's house and took this picture. How did we get 4 kids? Even though the kids look a little not too impressed in this photo, they did have a great time playing together.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween in December

I think this looks like my sister, Marie, when she was younger!

Okay, so I realize that it is December, but I forgot to post the lovely pictures of our very own Dora and Boots from Halloween. So here are a couple :) And some extras from this Fall too.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Photos, pictures, snapshots

Master bedroom Yes folks, this is actually my washer and dryer :)
Bathroom, obviously

Aylah and Macy in their room :) the guy was in there working on putting up shelves in their closet, hence the dusty floor

Hallway looking down to our front door. Standing in the living room. Storage closets on the right.

Our backyard space! So exciting. Looking down from our bedroom window. Kitchen looking at it from our living room/dining room.

Macy in our living room/dining room. The back windows look out over the outdoor space too.

Macy playing in the bedroom.

Celebrating my birthday with the girls :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Monday, November 15, 2010


That's how many pictures are on our camera.... and i didn't want to wait for all of them to load onto our computer so that I could pick a couple for here. So sorry, no pictures this time.

Our life is in a stand-still. We still have not moved. The bank is being a pain in our rears so who knows when our new move-in timeframe will be. It might be before Christmas or maybe not until after. But I went to a women's retreat last weekend and the topic was Expectations: Dealing with un-met expectations. Hmmm, quite fitting I thought.

So for now we are making the best of it and have one box packed...

My cousin Kirsten is visiting us this week, which is really fun because I don't ever get to spend time with my cousins and she is my only girl cousin. So she is exploring New York City and staying with us. I think she thinks we are old, boring people but I guess that's what 2 kids does to you.

Next week is Thanksgiving and Josh's parents are coming out for a week. We are very excited and the girls are also very excited to see them!

The girls are fairly easy right now... they love to play together and we only have to intervene when blood is involved. (Macy started crying last week and we came in the bedroom to find blood pooling out of her mouth! Poor girl! We think she hit her mouth on the bed frame)

Macy had her first injury a couple weeks ago. She was being crazy in the bathtub and hit her mouth on the side. She now has one chipped baby tooth. At least it's not a permanent one.

Aylah is almost out of diapers.... She wears pull-ups at night but is always dry. We told her that when she ran out of these pull-ups that she could only wear panties from then on. So she really doesn't need them, she's just addicted to them :) She has worn panties for a year now so it's about time....

Aylah has 2 new imaginary friends. Betsy and Bets. Betsy is the Mom, Bets is the daughter. So that makes 4 friends, inlcuding Creche and Dita. You'll have to ask her about the names- it's all from her imagination.

Macy is talking alot more but still hard to understand due to her scratchy, low voice. Her favorite phrases are "No Way!" "CD on please" "More toothpaste please" and "No, no, no, no, no I do." At least she's kind of polite.

Well, I don't have much else to say today. Maybe after we get our own computer I will be more faithful in blogging again.

Stay tuned to the next blog where I'll for sure have pictures of Aylah as Dora and Macy as Boots on Halloween :) Priceless to see Aylah in a wig!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Michigan Adventures

As most of you know we were in Michigan for 3 weeks this August. It was wonderful! That's as best as I can describe it. It was relaxing, fun, and I could go on and on. The girls are at a great age to do fun things. Aylah got to see fireworks, roast marshmallows and make smores, go on a boat, and do lots of other "firsts." The pictures above are on the beach in Holland by my parent's house. We tried to take some much needed family pics and I think they didn't turn out half bad :) Thanks Dad for being our photographer!

So now we are back and in the swing of things. After-school center started this week at New City and Josh hired an assistant. He thinks she will be great, after an initial period of being overwhelmed by crazy New City life.

Our condo is almost done being built and there is a ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 12 so we should be able to walk through it for the first time. I, of course, am super excited and can't wait to see our new house. So we should be able to move at the end of October!

The girls are getting so big! Aylah is learning her letters right now and it makes her seem even older! She knows; a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,l,m,r,s, and y. We play games with them, make them out of playdough, play with them in the bathtub. She loves it and I do too. The teacher in me gets all excited. She is, as always talking a mile a minute. Her latest cute/funny things are as follows.

One day Josh asked her where she was in the pictures of Josh and I on our wedding day. She said, "Macy and I were in Mommy's tummy." pause "I was in the front and Macy was in the back." We laughed histarically.

One night this week Aylah and I were reading her Jesus Storybook Bible at bedtime and had read about Joshua and Jericho. We were talking about how our house on Earth is not permanent but God is preparing us one in Heaven. Aylah looked at me very concerned "Mommy, will there be snacks in heaven?" "Yes Aylah, very yummy ones." "Like goldfish crackers?" "Probably even yummier than goldfish crackers Aylah."

Macy is as fun as ever too. She has this deep raspy voice that cracks me up. Her favorite things to say are; nope, Dora, Boots, and Map. She has a little thing for Dora and we had to put her on Dora detox for a while. She loves to climb which freaks me out! She can be on top of the kitchen table in a matter of seconds. It scares me for when we have them both in the bunk beds. For now I am enjoying the safety of the crib. Macy, we found out, is allergic to mosquito bites. Her most recent bite was on the top of her foot, which made it swell to 3 times it's normal size, prompted a visit to the Dr. and a round of amoxicillan b/c the Dr. was nervous that all the other broken open mosquito bites on her leg were going to get infected due to the nearby swelling of her foot. It was gross, all red and black and blue and then she couldn't go anywhere for a few days b/c her shoe wouldn't even fit! That little girl has given us a run for our money several times in her short year and a half life!

As a whole we are all doing okay,except we each came down with a 2 day stomach virus and tore through our family with no remorse Labor Day weekend. Needless to say we are getting our flu shots next week. Oh, and Aylah and I go to the dentist next week too. Aylah is all excited b/c it's her first time and I bought her a Dora book to talk to her about everything she might see there.

Every day Aylah goes through a laundry list of things she wants to make sure we pack for our new house....


Yes, Aylah.

Are we going to pack Macy's booster chair?

Yes, Aylah.

How bout the bibs?

Yes, Aylah.

Are we going to pack the animal crackers?

Well we will probably eat them all by the time we move but if any are left, then yes.


Yes, Aylah.

We can't forget Macy's shoes.

Ok, Aylah.

and on and on and on we go..... have a wonderful day! We'll update I'm sure in another month or 2 :)